14. Taxes


  1. Review Matthew 22:17-22. What is really being said there according to pages 123-125?
  1. What is the definition of a) progressive tax, b) a fair tax, c) a flat tax? Are any of these more biblical or less biblical than others? (125)
  1. Does the Bible advocate a property tax? (127)
  1. What is the difference between owning your land feudally or allodially? (127)
  1. Does the Bible advocate a consumption tax or sales tax? (127-128)
  1. Ponder the classic line from the 1819 Supreme Court case McCulloch v. Maryland that reveals much about the power to tax? “The power to tax involves the power to destroy.” What does that really mean? (128-129) What does that mean for churches? How does that violate the true, intentional meaning of “separation of church and state” taken from Thomas Jefferson’s January 1, 1902, letter regarding the “wall of separation?”
  1. Review page 130 as to how ancient Israel was taxed in a theocracy (God-based government.)
  1. Review on page 130-132 the suggestions that Dr. Garlow has regarding how we might borrow a taxation schedule from ancient Israel that might apply to modern America, even though America is a Constitutional Republic.