19. The Judiciary


  1. In the Obergefell v. Hodges, (NOTE: Pronounced: oh-BURG-a-fell) June 26, 2015 Supreme Court Case, Justice Kennedy launched a vicious attack on Christians stating, “They are just filled with hatred and hostility, so that’s why they are against the definition of marriage being changed.” What is your response to his attacks saying Christians are filled with animus? (169)
  1. What was the basis for him changing the definition of marriage? How concerned should we be about this? (170)
  1. Review on page 171 the definition of “strict constructionism” of the Constitution and “original intent.” What is the difference between that and the Constitution being viewed as a “living document?” Should we be concerned that our Supreme Court Justices regard the Constitution as something that can mean whatever they want it to mean at a given point in history?
  1. Is a Supreme Court decision the “law of the land,” or is it actually the Constitution?
  1. What can be done to reign in a group of justices that are appointed for life?
  • Thomas Jefferson suggested dismissing the court.
  • One presidential candidate in 2016 (Mike Huckabee) called for defying the court.
  • Another called for defunding the court.

What do you sense are our options? (173)