21. Social Justice


  1. What is social justice? What does it mean? (180)
  2. Read Galatians 3:28. It addresses
  • racism when it speaks of Jew v. Greek
  • sexism when it speaks of male v. female
  • classism (strife between economic “classes”) when it speaks of slave or free. (180)

Discuss the verse.  What is it saying?  How is it relevant?

  1. The Bible repeatedly calls for justice, concern for the poor, widows and orphans. But is there a better term rather than “social justice,” (which has become a euphemism for government taking from rich people and giving to poor people)? How about using the phrase “biblical justice,” which would mean that we care about justice that God cares about …and we respond to the problem in the ways that God calls us to, rather than by demanding that the government becomes Marxist or Socialistic, confiscating from the rich. (181)
  1. Review the list of things on page 182-184 that the person who Dr. Garlow heard speak about social justice advocated. He called for:

a) Called for socialism

b) Said the government is sexist because Congress should be half male and female

c) Said the nation is racist because the Congress should have the same percentages racially as the population

d) Called for wealth redistribution – take from whomever is rich and give to the poor

e) Spoke of poverty – and failed to address the issue of the family

f) Assigned guilt and blame to all of us for anything that ever happens in society, in other words if someone is a terrorist, it is our fault

g) Spoke about terrorism – and made it an anti-police rant, never mentioning Islamic terrorism which encircles the globe.

Discuss these one at a time.