28. Refugees


  1. Do we care for our neighbors the way we should? Review Matthew 25:34-36 and Matthew 40.
  1. America has responded exceptionally well to refugees from all over the world. Discuss that point.
  1. How can we take in refugees (sometimes from warring Islamic, terror-ridden nations), yet at the same time protect the safety of America?
  1. When Christians are expelled from such countries as Syria and Iraq, there is no nation in the Middle East to which they can go. The Christians, if they are going to have support, almost have to come to the United States. In contrast, Muslims can go to any of the 22 Muslim nations in the Middle East. Discuss the above statement. What can we do to keep our communities safe? (245)
  1. Do you have people who try to make you feel guilty if you want potentially dangerous refugees to be vetted?