31. A Call To Action And The Reason For Hope


  1. You are completing a study on Well Versed. Equip yourself to use it. Use it as a reference tool. Review selected chapters periodically. Be disciplined. Enter into the discussion about these issues, first with believers to sharpen your skills, and then with unbelievers to help them understand that the Bible speaks to these issues. Are you willing to do that? (267)
  1. Do you understand that the Bible speaks to all issues – even to governmental and political issues?
  1. Discuss this phrase: “Jesus is Lord and He is always going to be King of Kings and Lord of Lords, so be encouraged.” What does that mean for you? For your future?
  1. Read Revelation 19:11-16 as a group right now together. Affirm the great statement, “Jesus is Lord.” Be encouraged. Pray for each other!