8. Marriage


  1. In what way does Genesis open with a marriage of a man and a woman and Revelation close with a wedding of a bride and a groom? (63)
  1. Discuss the descriptions of the full image of God, the creation of Adam, and the “splitting of the adam,” (which is the Hebrew word tsela, meaning half or side.) What does all that mean? (64-65) Can you explain this to someone?
  1. Discuss the difference between the Hebrew words Ish and Isha. The letters that appear in one and not the other, the yod and hey, and how they represent the name of YWHW or YAHWEH, God. (66)
  1. What did God say about the nature of marriage in Matthew 19:6? (67)
  1. What does Well Versed claim a “Marriage” (with a capital “M”) is in Revelation according to pages 68-69?
  1. Just for legal reference, how many states voted for marriage? How many voted against traditional marriage, for sodomite so called “marriage?”