A Call To Action A Call To Hope

“Well Versed brings the force of the Word of God to the national issues that seem to plague and paralyze this nation.  Few pastors have had the tenacity to step into the public arena and declare boldly that God – in the Bible – has the  answers for our political challenges.”

-Newt Gingrich


“Jim Garlow is one of the most insightful, courageous, and compassionate Christian leaders in America. Some have the skill to say just the right thing, but Jim Garlow has lived the right thing, and his writings overflow with a faith that is authentic, earthy, and persevering. When he shares Biblical Answers to Today’s Tough Questions, it’s neither an academic exercise or a heartless attack against those who hate the Bible. It’s brutally honest reflections of a man who has lived his sermons—not just preached them.”

-Mike Huckabee